Today will be sharing about value additions

Date: 20th October 2018

Today will be sharing about how hiccups in serving the clients led to one of the value additions.


In Temporary/Contract Staffing, DCSPL manages 3500 plus employees in more than 30 client organizations, wherein one of the tasks is to maintain employee documentation with high accuracy, security and make it available to the clients, as and when needed.

With couple of client organizations, HR team has to undergo internal audits periodically. And they are asked to show the documents of the outsourced employees. Initially, we were maintaining two sets of documents – one at DCSPL office and another one at the client’s office. Over a period of time, came to a conclusion that even this system had flaws in it and many times, did not serve the purpose.  

To solve this challenge, we decided to get scanning done of all the employee’s documents and classifying them client wise. We made it available to the clients as well as DCSPL team, by uploading them on cloud storage.

In no time, we got all the employee’s documents scanned and made them accessible to the clients on the go, anywhere and anytime, which not only solved the client’s hassles but also became one of our salient features.


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