Every Problem is a Gift

Date: 8th September 2018

“Every problem is a gift. Without them we wouldn’t grow” – Tony Robbins


They say it is always easier said than done, and we firmly believe in that adage. We, at Dhruv Corporate (HR) Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (DCSPL), don’t wait for things to happen but instead we make things happen. In these modern era of business, every organization faces some or the other challenges in different functions of Human Resource Department.  Our endeavor has always been to work in strategic partnership with our esteemed clients and support them in solving their Human Resource challenges so that they can focus on their Core Business Activities.

One of our esteemed clients had engaged a contract staffing firm for around 200 of their employees.  And they were very much dissatisfied with the services provided by them. The major issues were: 1) Inaccuracy in the salary calculations, 2) Salary processing not being done as per the agreed schedule, 3) Many lapses in the statutory compliances. 

We were already working with them in Recruitment & Selection, and were enjoying the reputation of having a very high success ratio in getting the relevant talent for them at Senior & Middle management level positions. During one of our meetings with the HR team, we came to know about the pain areas of that client in Contract Staffing and we decided to support them in these areas. We gave assurance to the directors & the HR Head to streamline the process.

To start with, they agreed to give 20 employees on our rolls. Not only we streamlined the entire process for these 20 employees, we offered couple of value additions in the process. Within less than 3 months, they shifted around 175 more employees on our rolls. And our team efficiently worked on the seamless migration of all of them on our rolls.

And it was a win-win situation for the clientand DCSPL. Theclienthad to deal with only one HR firm for” Recruitment & Selection” as well as Contract Staffing, instead of 2 HR firms.


“We care & serve, we serve & care”.

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