Journey in Temporary Staffing

Date: 15th December 2018

Last week, we were discussing about our journey in temporary/contract staffing, since its inception in 2013. Team started sharing about how the current processes & systems, at DCSPL, were evolved.


Back then we were facing challenges of giving real time data & details to our clients. As the number of associates on our rolls kept on increasing, it was getting difficult to manage from our Ahmedabad office, as clients had to contact us for different details &/or documents and it took some time for us to resolve the issues or give the relevant details.

We decided to overcome this challenge by having one dedicated employee at the client’s premises, to take care of all the HR activities of the associates working there. Additionally, we decided to have one set of all the documents at client’s premises, for faster access.

By deputing one dedicated employee, the main objective of serving the clients in a timely & organised manner, with real time data, was served. It was not only a value addition, but turned the tables around by providing quick and personalized services to our clients.

We learn from our experiences, challenges, issues, adapt and improvise our services, which ultimately becomes our SOP.


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