Experience of one customer

Date: 22nd September 2018

Customer Satisfaction is intricately taken care of by us, at DCSPL.


While handling number of employees (every employee is our customer) and satisfying client’s organizations, Dhruv Corporate (HR) Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has always ensured problem solving approach, and success in every aspect.

A fellow employee working on our payrolls faced issues with the delay in acceptance of his resignation where DCSPL was expected to accept his resignation and relieve him from the client's organization. The muddled situation resulted in extended time from resignation to the final settlement for the employee but in the end, it was complemented with complete accuracy by us. Nevertheless, the employee left with some hard feelings.

After few months, the same employee approached us and was well assisted with the withdrawal of his Provident Fund. In return we received an appreciation from the employee, for the guidance provided even after a year, which eventually led him from being dissatisfied to a happy and satisfied customer (employee), marked by his worthy words: “Thank you very much for all the helps you have extended to me”.


DCSPL believes in selling experiences and not merely services.

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