Good service makes the difference

Date: 29th September 2018

Good service makes the difference and DCSPL believes in making one.


Dhruv Corporate (HR) Solutions Pvt. Ltd. with its amicable approach always makes sure of a happy customer (employee) and more than that believes in fare welling the employee (customer) with long-term satisfaction and not with just services.

An employee working on DCSPL’s payroll was given the expert advice in the areas ofinvestment, tax savings etc. by DCSPL (the director having thorough knowledge of financial planning) which resulted in an appreciable savings of income tax along with the investment for the long term horizon. With this unexpected gesture witnessed by the employee, DCSPL received not only her gratitude but also she showed her willingness to be on DCSPL’s payroll for a longer period of time.

DCSPL determinedly helped with the withdrawal of Provident Fund also.

Moreover, with the problem-solving motive, she was provided with the certificate to reclaim the Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) even in strenuous situations (certificate sent by PF department somehow didn’t reach her) after 6 months of her resignation and the customer(employee) hence left with a commendation for the company.


DCSPL ensures to maintain its promising nature with their fellow employees and clients because we believe in both employer and employee satisfaction.

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