Festive season is just around the corner!

Date: 13th October 2018

Festive season is just around the corner! It reminds us of 2013 Diwali wherein the bonus to 120 employees, transferred on the payrolls of DCSPL, had to be paid.


Challenges in front of DCSPL were

  1. Details of the bonus to be paid (for the earlier year) were not available with us – as they were recently migrated from the rolls of other service provider,
  2. Unlike the process that we have now of having the bank account of all employees in the same bank, at that time all the employees had accounts in different banks,
  3. After receiving the payment from the client, we had less than one and a half day before the bank holidays.

We collected details of the attendance of earlier years, calculated the amount of bonus to be paid, raised the invoice, received the payment and then the task was to deposit in 14 banks.

Two employees prepared the slips for the amount to be deposited in different banks, two employees went to the bank for the withdrawal of cash in different denominations. MD himself along with 3 persons stood in the long queues in different banks and deposited the bonus amount in the account of employees.


DCSPL team with its planned execution stood out as ultimate differentiator by taking up the challenge in serving the client and for bringing the smile on faces of the employees.

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