DCSPL considers transparency as the key

Date: 6th October 2018

DCSPL considers transparency as the key to Customer (Client) satisfaction.


Dhruv Corporate (HR) Solutions Pvt Ltd. makes sure of a problem-solving approach towards any sort of barriers hindering the growth of strategic partnerships with making sure of client satisfaction at the same time. And many times, the problem solving approach leads to value addition - one more feature in our services leading to Client Delight.

Earlier, time & again, clients contacted us for all the information regarding new and old employees, held salaries, extra working days, overtime payment etc. and eventually it took longer time for clients to get necessary data. After observing the problems faced by the clients, DCSPL team along with the CEO, evolved with a system of generating monthly MIS reports.

MIS (Management Information System) reports provided by DCSPL, now an integral part of our services includes all the activities done by us for the outsourced employees. MDs, CEOs, HR Heads & HODs get the overview of all the major activites done by us and all the required information from one monthly report thereby eliminating unnecessary communications.


DCSPL cleared the hurdle of routine follow ups and provided information to their clients through MIS Reports to maintain complete transparency and keep them acknowledged of the monthly activities.

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