Training & Development

“...coz no one is perfect, there is always scope of improvement.”


Most of the big corporate and MNCs believe in training. They invest millions of rupees in them. Lot of them have found out that, the ROI (Return on investment) is more than 4 times in the form of yields, i.e. there will be 4 times savings from increased productivity and lower employee-turnover.

Smaller firms that build, what consultants like to call a “culture of learning”- get more out of their training INVESTMENTS because they don’t have to reinvent the wheel when restarting programs from scratch. Rather than training only in periods of flux or crisis, entrepreneurs should invest consistently in a structured program along the way.

Training doesn’t only involve teaching someone the technical aspects of their job, write codes or increase their effectiveness or efficiency in their day-to-day tasks. It also focuses on soft skills like team-building, leadership and communication.

No matter which areas need improvement, getting the most out of your training buck takes commitment. That means real time and money.

Point to Ponder: The only thing worse than training employees and losing them is to not train them and keep them.

What is the way forward?

First the management concludes that at all levels of organisation training and development programs are needed in order to make qualitative improvement in the work of the employees. Thereafter they need to identify the trainers who will deliver the desired results.

Leadership transformation – EXECUTIVE COACHING:

DCSPL is associated with different Executive/Performance coaches across India.

For creating & producing unprecedented, sustainable business results, they impart individual coaching as well as leadership development trainings.

These trainings are customised as per the requirement of the different clients.

Customised as well as standard training:

a) Customised training:

We follow three stage process:

b) Standard Training:

* Advance selling skills, * Marketing strategies & skills, * Customer care & customer service, * Business English, * Emotional intelligence, * Communication skills,

* Leadership skills, * Situational leadership, * Team building, * Interpersonal relationship, * Stress management, * Anger management, Time management,

* Problem solving, * Managerial effectiveness, * Negotiation skills, * Grooming skills,

* Corporate etiquette, * Vision-Mission, Goal management, * Decision making skills.

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