Recruitment & Selection

“The effective executive fills positions and promotes on the basis of what a man can do. He does not make staffing decisions to minimize weakness but to maximize strength.” Peter Drucker

According to the Harvard Business Review, 80 percent of turnover is caused by bad hiring decisions. These are costly mistakes.

Two Major Hiring Mistakes :

Various management attitude surveys make the point well :

A lot of aggravation could be avoided if the effort is placed on getting recruitment and selection processes operating smoothly. It is better to avoid performance problems.

Recruitment Is Distinct From Employment And Selection :

“Recruitment” is getting a pool of candidates to choose from and “Selection” is choosing the right candidate from the pool.

Recruitment & Selection Success :

In summary, recruitment and selection success involves many critical elements, but two major ones are:

Whatever Recruitment Process an organization follows, distinct steps to systematically hire superior people are:

Defining Superior Performance Before Beginning of the Recruitment Process :

The benefits of using a performance profile include more accurate assessments, a bigger pool of top candidates to choose from, significant reductions in time to hire, and -- by clarifying expectations upfront -- a more highly motivated and competent workforce.

A performance profile is not a job description listing skills, duties, required experiences, and responsibilities. Instead, it describes what the person taking the job needs to do to be successful.

It defines the job, not the person taking the job.

Reengineering the Assessment Process :

The basic requirements of an effective interview :

Using Decision Making Assessment Tools :

According to the British Psychological Society, 80% of companies in the UK use personality profiling for all levels of recruitment. The trend is just as popular in the US . In India too, it is an emerging trend and there is more than just a random interest in this area. For many organizations, hiring process is incomplete without assessment tools.

 The consensus seems to be that selection is only one part of the story. There's whole world to be explored with psychometric assessment, so smarter organizations are going ahead full steam by exploiting the power of ‘Psychometric Tests'. For bulk recruitments, in IT/ITES/Retail sectors, ‘Psychometric Tests' are being widely used.

For top & senior management positions, “ Graphology ” – Handwriting Analysis has proved to be very effective. Renowned Graphologists not only do the analysis based on the available handwritten samples, but instead simulates a condition for job requirement, wherein a candidate imaginatively experience futuristic condition. This is being done by asking the candidates to answer couple of questions, related to the job requirements, in their own handwritten answers. The handwritten answers along with the signature of the candidate helps Graphologists unearth the different aspects of the personality & motivational factors of that candidate.

 In nutshell, all stages of the selection process should be based on identifying motivational factors, attitude along with assessing the key skills, behaviors and competencies for successful performance of the job.

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