Human Touch

Narayan Murthy said that “Our assets walk out of the door each evening. We have to make sure that they come back the next morning.”

What makes these Resources of an organization to go back home with a smile, feel satisfied at the end of the day and then come back to their workplace, recharged, re energized and high spirited to meet their own and the company’s goals?

With the "Changing Role of HR" , HR professionals are focusing more on being “Strategic Partners”, “Employee Advocate”, “Change Champion”, getting involved in “Talent Development”

With the increasing use of technology & automation in the HR field, Can the HR sideline the "Human Touch" in the murky world of Business?

Can the reality of human nature and the importance of the Human Element be integrated into our understanding of "efficiency"?

Can the individual nature of each employee be taken into account when it comes to design HR processes?

The reality is that efficiency is being associated only with getting things done. Although being in HR, it may seem that there's little scope for the Human Element in the process and somehow process efficiency is linked to individual and organizational efficiency.

How can HR give “HUMAN TOUCH” to the mechanical processes?

Starting from making new joinees get adjusted & making them comfortable, HR can be instrumental in innovating initiatives that might appear mundane but make the employee feel at home while at work.

Be it family outings, birthday parties or celebrating anniversaries, recognizing the valuable inputs of leaving employees or acknowledging an individual for an extra-ordinary performance or on reaching a milestone, by creating an open forum to bring in employee participation, inviting & implementing suggestions, medical check ups, lunch with seniors etc., HR can provide every individual an equal platform and multiple channels to communicate and interact.

The results of the companies that have launched programs to give employees more training, accountability, and recognition, speak for themselves. Energy levels and enthusiasm shoot up. Extra things get done, problems get fixed, housekeeping improves, there is more smiling, and people are focused on priorities. As associates take on more responsibility and need less supervision, there’s more time for HR to work in strategic partnership with the management to make things happen, explore new ideas, negotiate the best price, talk to customers and, most importantly, meaningfully recognize their employees' contributions.

Although it’s been used so much that the word “Empowerment” may draw yawns, the fact is that there is no better way to improve service levels and productivity than treating employees with trust and respect. Wonderful things happen when employees are given input and control; they become more confident and focused. They know what’s important, and feel comfortable taking initiatives and making decisions that affect the business. Best of all, their positive attitudes permeate everything they do, inspiring co-workers and customers alike.

HR could be the “Humane” face and custodian of Values, ethics and culture of the organization. It may do so in the form of employee engagement, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives or any other form but it should take the extra strive to give each individual in the organization an identity which is different from one’s employee no. and role.

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