Other HR Interventions

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What are Other HR Interventions?

  • Performance Management System: An effective performance management process enables managers to evaluate and measure individual performance and optimize productivity by 1) Aligning individual employee's day-to-day actions with strategic business objectives 2) Aligning individual employee's day-to-day actions with strategic business objectives 3) Documenting individual performance to support compensation and career planning decisions 4) Establishing focus for skill development and learning activity choices 5) Creating documentation for legal purposes, to support decisions and reduce disputes.

  • HR Documentation: Employee files provide backup, communication, and evidence of various transitions such as: wage changes, job titles, benefit selections, wage garnishments, employee background, completed training, etc. Maintaining this information helps support and justify current pay, position and benefit selections. Other common employee file items include: performance appraisals, corrective actions, and rewards and recognition information. These documents help guide employment decisions and future actions such as promotion, pay increase, reduction in force, training, or even discharge.

  • Workforce Planning: Workforce planning helps employers better 1) Understand their long and short term business intentions 2) Design and lead the workforce planning programme 3) Analyse post hiring trends as potential predictors of future patterns 4) Support the definition of both existing & future skills 5) Analyse the skill requirements against the current talent map 6) Consider the effect of changing demographics and future talent expectations 7) Recommend resource requirements 8) Redeploy excess skills through internal mobility or rehousing 9) Design and execute the resourcing strategy.

  • Succession Planning: 1) You rely on staff to carry out the mission and the vision and to accomplish the goals of the organization 2) You need prepared employees to step into roles as your company grows and expands its offerings and services 3) The need to have replacement employees ready if you decide to promote employees or redesign your organization enables you to make necessary changes without being hampered by a lack of replacements 4) Knowledge about key, skilled, contributing employees is shared with managers organization-wide. This information allows managers to consider the widest number of candidates for any open job. It also emphasizes with your employees that your organization provides the career development opportunities they seek. Effective, proactive succession planning leaves your organization well prepared for all contingencies. Successful succession planning builds bench strength.

  • Graphopsychology: Graphopsychology can provide companies with personality profiles of potential employees and a risk assessment of the applicant allowing an employer to determine if a job fits the individual BEFORE hiring and if the individual is compatible with the rest of the office team. For Top & Senior Management positions, which are key positions, demanding peak performance, the traits that we are looking in a candidate, need to be brought up through his handwriting. Hence we need to simulate condition for peak performance i.e. first person involvement, vis-à-vis behavior of prospective candidate. In this simulated write-up, majority points will surface directly in the form of graphic traits and selection of words. All these points are interdependent and demand cross- check for accuracy. They are of interpretative nature.

  • Psychometric Test: Psychometric tests helps in 1) Facilitates career guidance such and interests and values inventories 2) Provides necessary information that can be used in coaching in order to help people understand their strengths and what needs further improvements in order to facilitate personal learning and growth 3) Assesses suitability of employees or candidates for promotion of assignment 4) For succession planning, to assess and develop future talent and leadership potential 5) To identify training and development needs

Why Us?

No one can beat the truth that you know your business better than anyone, and we are confident about what works for your business when it comes to leading managing and developing people. Ace India’s HR intervention service brings a focused and professional approach to your business and acts as a mediator to resolve management and people issues. Considering the goal of your business and striving to achieve them our professionals give their 100% in enhancing the performance of your existing employees at the same time help you with new talents who would meet your business requirements.

We design best practice operational capability through different strategies that fit the best with the organization:

  • Each of these services is tailored to your specific objectives.

  • Organization design, Job enrichment and restructuring.

  • Performance Management programs including BSC and goals cascade.

  • HR Policy & Processes.

  • Compensation & Benefits design.

  • Employee Engagement.

  • Talent Management solutions.

  • Functional Competency Frameworks.

  • Best practice benchmarking.

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